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WWW Site Package

The site package offers a complete solution for WWW site management to small and medium sized enterprises. The package allows the site to be updated by those persons that have the best knowledge about the products, services or personnel displayed on the pages.

The site package has a clear WWW interface that is used for content updates, such as editing text, creating new pages and transferring images. Updating pages does not require any special technical knowledge. The administration interface is, of course, protected with password to prevent unauthorized usage.


The site package is a turnkey solution. During the deployment, the layout of the site is adjusted to match with the visual identity of the company, and the texts are inserted into pages.
The high productisation level of the site package allows short delivery times.

The site package allows creating impressive and manageable sites fast and efficiently.
Your company gets an impressive homepage in the Internet even with less than one thousand euros.

Enquiries and Orders

Oy Quality International QI Ltd Ab, Tel. +358-9-464118, fax +358-9-455 1113
Enquiries: Peter Wellmann, +358-50-5897543,

Site Package, Detailed Features

Turnkey Delivery
The site package is installed in the specified server and it is ready to be used after installation.
Password Protection
The administration interface is protected with a password. The password can be changed at any time. If the password is lost, our support will provide you a new one.
The site package contains user guide that contains step-by-step instructions for every administrative action.
Fast and Easy Content Update
The site content can be updated with any WWW browser. The update is not bound with any specific computer or location; instead, it can be done anywhere. There is no need to install any additional software, and the update does not require special expertise.
Versatile Content Manipulation
All normal text manipulation tools, such as bold, italics and different typefaces, may be used. Tables, images and links to other sites or to email addresses can be inserted easily.
Adding and Removing Pages
New pages can be added and old ones removed with a couple of mouse clicks. The order of the pages can be manipulated, too.
Hiding Pages
Pages can be hidden from visitors temporarily or permanently.
Easy Handling of Images
The images in the site can be added and removed easily.
The site can be backed-up to local computer with a single click.
Easy File Manipulation
The site can contain external files, such as PDF and Word documents.
Page Templates
The pages are built on top of ready-made templates. This ensures that the persons updating the content cannot break the pages accidentally. Instead, they can concentrate on creating new content.
Ready Content Templates
The site package contains ready-made templates, for example, for chapters, images, email addresses or links.
Manipulating Layout
The used colours, fonts, size of the text and other layout related items may be changed with a few clicks of the mouse.